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no consequence; breeds no conscience.

1 July
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11:11, a farewell to arms, a life once lost, across five aprils, anberlin, art, as i lay dying, backstreet boys, beach, being optimistic, beloved, betweentheburiedandme, bleeding through, blood has been shed, boston, boys night out, breakdowns, bury your dead, cake, candy land, casting crowns, cheesecake, classic cartoon nickelodeon, comeback kid, converge, dance dance revolution, dane cook, dashboard confessional, david crowder band, dead poetic, degrassi, donnie darko, drawing, dredg, ed gein, eighteen visions, embrace today, evergreen terrace, every time i die, faith, family guy, fbtmf, florida, folly, freaks and geeks, full house, godspeed you! black emperor, grindcore, hardcore, haste the day, head automatica, hillsong, holyfire, hopesfall, howie day, hxc, ice cream, ikilledthepromqueen, in dire need, invocation of nehek, ion dissonance, jello, jello pudding pops, jeremy camp, jesus christ, johnny depp, journey, left of space, live journal, lotr, love, lucky charms, mercury switch, mosh, most precious blood, movies, music, new york, nora, obab, ofblessingsandburdens, on broken wings, orchid, pablo fransisco, passion worship, photography, piercings, praise & worship, pudding, remembering never, salute your shorts, salvation army, scotland, shattered realm, shows, sigur ros, silverstein, since the flood, singing, sleeping, sos, summer, super nintendo, swimming, tattoos, terror, the breakfast club, the goonies, the hostage heart, the nicaea room, the red chord, the umbrella sequence, themidgetwhostolegodsmapoftheuniverse, these skies shall burn, thrice, thrift stores, too late the hero, underoath, usher, vinyard uk, walls of jericho, when legends die, willy wonka, with honor, yoohoo, zombies, ,